Where can I have granite in my house?

Typically people tend to have granite worktops or marble worktops in bathrooms and kitchens although Granite Craft specialise in fitting granite worktops, window sills, cooker backsplash or up stands. Marble worktops are becoming more and more common but are available in many different colours so can easily fit in with your colour scheme or design.

Granite worktops are great for kitchen worktop use as they are heat resistant meaning that hot equipment can be placed on their despite being extremely hot and still have no effect to the granite worktops. Although granite worktops can be scratched there should be near to no damage with general kitchen use leaving your worktop in good condition.

Granite bath panels, walls and tiles can be used in bathrooms to give off a sparkling look. These can be cut to fit around sinks, baths, and bath frame or skirting. Granite craft are able to help discuss ideas and arrange plans for you to have everything exactly how you wish.

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