Granitecraft prides its self on very accurate quotes, 99% of the quotes we supply are the price you finally pay, unless there are major changes. We like to thoroughly go through your plan, have as few, joints possible, and ask questions if need be. Online quote systems don’t ask these unseen questions and you will more often than not, end up paying more for your granite. The extras may be highlighted when it comes to templating (sometimes) at which time you are pushed for time to get your project finished and accept the extras, or you are just hit with a larger bill at the end which is covered by companies terms and conditions, which not many people read.

Yes. Hot pans can be placed straight from the oven directly onto the granite surface with no effect on the surface.

Yes, but not with general kitchen use.

Diamond, (found on knife sharpeners) Silica carbide in wet & dry  sandpapers, normal sand papers, some scouring pads usually the green ones ,  abrasive cream cleaners, will all have an abrasive effect on the surface of natural stone which can leave it looking dull and scratched.

Yes, granite is porous. The lighter the granite the more susceptible it is to staining. Granitecraft will seal your worktops on completion of fitting and show you how to maintain the sealer. As for granite being affected by acids, this is not true. People get confused that granite is like marble, which is not the case. Very rarely a small collection of acids such as hydrofloric acid can make the granite appear slightly darker, this should not happen when the stone is sealed.

In general it doesn’t make a lot of difference if you have cheep kitchen units or expensive ones, as long as they are screwed together well, level, fixed to the wall and all legs are correctly fitted you shouldn’t have a problem.

Normal thickness for kitchen worktops is 30mm. If you have window sills, cooker backsplash or upstands we would recommend you have 20mm its softer on the eye. If you wanted a vanity top or granite over your bath we again would recommend 20mm. We can even supply 40mm thick. Tiles are generally 10mm thick.

If the worktops are for a new kitchen you should have a plan from the kitchen supplier with sizes on, you can either, fax or email your plan to us with details of what type of sink you are having, weather you would like upstands, cooker backsplash, window sill. And which colour you would like a price in. A phone number is also useful incase we have any questions.

If the worktops are for an existing kitchen and you are looking to replace your worktops. It would be helpful if you could do a drawing of your worktop layout with measurements. Also include what type of sink you will be using, weather you would like upstands, cooker backsplash, window sill. And which colour you would like a price in. Other useful information to include, would be what thickness your current worktops are, if you will be keeping your tiles above the worktops. If you would like us to arrange removal of old worktops, tiles etc this can be done without any problem,and we can also adjust your plumbing.

Granitecraft endever to get all quotes back to you within 24hrs.